Welcome to my site. I have had the site up for a few months, but lagged on the blogging part. I am excited to be launching my new business here in Marin and look forward to photographing up here. I just did a shoot for a new business called Janey Appleseed. It was started by a close friend who is passionate about improving the lives of the women of the Congo. She has designed some amazing little dresses for girls and has them sewn in the Congo and shipped back to the U.S. to sell. The money then goes back to the women so they can provide for their families. You can see those pics in the "catalog work" section of this site. You can also read more about it at I am super proud of her and the designs and the photos that we took. So if you'd rather support women of the Congo than read about how Ronald McDonald loves the new Taco Bell breakfast, head on over to her website and make a purchase that means something. New dresses for all!